EasyBag Classic for insulin (16 - 25°C)

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EasyBag Classic

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EasyBag Classic for 6 insulin or adrenaline pens

The EasyBag Classic keeps your insulin or adrenaline cool without electricity. It must just be soaked in water in fresh water and then changes into a cooling gel that will keep your insulin or adrenaline at a temperature between 16 and 25°C for up to 5 days.

The EasyBag Classic becomes active in less than 40 seconds when in contact with water
• The patented technology of the EasyBag keeps your medication cool between 16 - 25 °C for up to 5 days
• Can be reused hundreds of times
• Ideal for active travelers
• Perfect for the transport of five pens during short trips
• Also available in Small (EasyBag Single)

The EasyBag will keep your medication under the temperature of 25°C at an ambient temperature between 2 and 32°C.

Data sheet

HeightHeight: 210 mm
WidthWidth: 160 mm
DepthDepth: 35 mm
Operating temperatureOperating ambient temperature: 0 - 32°C
WeightWeight: 170g

More info

EasyBag - the little miracle that keeps insulin cool for several days without electricity

MedActiv has developed the EasyBag to transport insulin and adrenaline without electricity. The EasyBag uses gel crystals specially developed for MedActiv, which cool the insulin when placed in contact with water.

To use the EasyBag, it must simply be immersed in water for 40 seconds. The crystals in the panels of the EasyBag then turn into a gel that stays cool for up to seven days based on a process of evaporation that will keep the insulin at a temperature between 16 and 25 ° C. Insulin can be stored for one month at this temperature. To "recharge" the EasyBag, simply submerge it again in water for 40 seconds.

The EasyBag is available in two sizes: EasyBag Single (for one pen) and EasyBag Classic for 5 pens and insulin vials.

Less stress for diabetics who want to travel

The EasyBag allows diabetics to carry their insulin safely when traveling, at work or on holiday. If insulin is exposed to extreme temperatures, it is quickly damaged and loses its effectiveness. This is a major concern for diabetics when they travel to countries with high ambient temperatures.

"At a temperature of 27°C, insulin loses 14% of its effectiveness over a period of a month. It is therefore crucial not to exceed the threshold of 25°C. Today, anyone who suffers from a chronic illness is defined by his daily lifestyle. The EasyBag gives users the freedom to travel knowing that their insulin is maintained at exactly the right temperature, anywhere, anytime, " said Uwe Diegel, president of MedActiv.

How to use the EasyBag

• Soak the blue inner bag in water for 1 to 2 minutes, wipe off any excess water with a towel and insert it in your EasyBag.
• Please your insulin in the bag.
• Yes, that’s it… It’s as simple as that…
• Soak the inner bag in water every 3 days so that it stays moist.




Acheté depuis peu suite aux fortes chaleurs que l'on rencontre, il remplit toutes ses promesses! Parfait!


    Love it

    Just what I needed for every day transport of my insulin.


      Fait ce qu'il a à faire

      J'ai d'abord pensé à acheter le easy single, mais j'ai pris le classic pour avoir plus d'espace.

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      • For any heat-sensitive medications (insulin, growth hormones, L-Thyroxin, polyarthritis medication)
      • Keeps your medication between 2 and 8°C
      • For the transport of large quantities of medication over long distances and time

      • insulin
      • growth hormones 
      • L-Thyroxin
      • medication for polyarthritis 
      • any pen or vial of medication that is sensitive to heat

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      Travel Certificate

      Really useful for getting through customs

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      EasyBag Instructions EN

      Instructions for using the EasyBag insulin bag from MedActiv

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