MedActiv is a global leader in the development of transport and storage solutions for sensitive medication. Our products are designed to give users the freedom to travel knowing that their medication is kept at exactly the right temperature. As the chosen partner of major pharmaceutical companies worldwide, MedActiv is constantly pushing back the boundaries of this industry.

The MedActiv solutions are specially designed to bring added value to the medications they are made for. Strategically located in France, Australia and Taiwan, we have the reputation of always anticipating the needs of our customers with an approach that is based on the total satisfaction of the end-user of the medication.

Our team of experts includes physicians, patients and engineers who are dedicated to finding better solutions for the transport and storage of sensitive medication. Many of our products have been rewarded with industrial design prizes worldwide. The entire MedActiv range of products received the Handicap 2010 Award from the Mayor of Paris.

Exceeding your expectations for the transport and storage of medications

For Uwe DIEGEL, creator of MedActiv, the company represents a personal investment. "In 2003, my brother almost died following an incident where his medication was accidentally frozen in a hotel. So I started this company because of reasons that are more of a personal nature than just business. MedActiv is for me the ultimate expression of innovation at the service of healthcare. If the MedActiv products are so popular, it is because they are designed by patients for patients and because we speak directly with users of the medications to really understand their needs."

The MedActiv Mission

MedActiv challenges benchmarks in the thermo-sensitive medication sector. We manufacture and market innovative solutions for the storage and distribution of thermo-sensitive medications.

The MedActiv Vision

A future where users of medication are not hampered by intrinsic limitations dictated by their health condition. A future where users are allowed the freedom to take responsibility for their health by using the correct tools for health management.